Arcade Games

Coin Operated Arcade Games

The last few decades have not been good for the coin operated world of the arcade game. When video games were first receiving their mass news attention, it was arcades that were featured. Hallways of games lined the walls with small creatures eating ghosts and pills, giant gorillas stealing princesses, and frogs trying to hop across the street. With teenagers staring blindly into the screen, the multi-colored lights washing over their face, arcades started with a bad reputation.

As time wore on, the arcade game grew and evolved, as did people's opinion of them. Owning one became a status symbol, since they were so large and heavy with televisions and large logic boards taking up much of their six foot height. People had Ataris and Intellivisions in their home, but those games had nowhere near the clarity or color as an arcade game did. It wasn't until Nintendo finally released their groundbreaking system that people started to pull away from the world of arcade games and start enjoying their living room.

Arcade Games Today

Nowadays, there are a few different reasons people go to the arcade. With the technology that ran the old games now accessible in every Playstation, X-Box, and Wi, there is less reasons for people to sojourn out into the world to play games. The few arcades that do still exist have found their fans in nostalgia. It is easy to replicate the gameplay of those games, but there is a certain feeling of the joystick in your hand, and the buttons beneath your fingers. Even standing up straight while playing a game makes the entire experience different.

Another reason people might choose an arcade game over their home system is innovation. Now with the technology as cheap as it is, many companies have been dedicating that time towards building different kinds of input systems. A few years ago there was a big boom in 'dance games' which featured you moving your feet on arrows as they appear on the screen. This style of arcade game has been a mainstay since, and variations are almost guaranteed to be at any place that still has a traditional arcade. Other sorts of innovations have been games that track your movement and others that need you to use your hands like boxing gloves in the big fight.

The truth is that the arcade game isn't as popular as it once was. Technology got ahead of it many years ago and to keep up, the arcades that were spending thousands of pounds per machine would now have to spend even more. This doesn't mean that it is impossible for the arcade to make a come back, but it is going to take something very special and new for people to not just purchase an amazingly crafted game for fifty pounds and enjoy it for hours in the comfort of their own home.