Computer Gaming

The World of Gaming

Unless you have just crawled out of 1974, you are probably aware of at least one computer game craze. Whether it is Pac-Man, Super Mario, or World of Warcraft, the computer game has evolved from a quarter eating monster in the smoky hallway of an arcade and into a legitimate form of entertainment with a billion dollar industry behind it. The likelihood is you have run across video games in your life, but how much have you peered specifically into the art of the computer game?

The power of playing a computer game over one on a more traditional console like the Playstation is that you have a lot more control over the content. If you go into a store and purchase a game for a console system, what you buy tends to be what you get. With a system connected to the internet, they may be able to provide you with updates or bug fixes via an internet connection, but that is only a growing option and not the standard. With a computer game, you have complete access to retrieving upgrades, updates, bug fixes, and patches that allow for different functionality with the game itself.

Major Games Developers in London

Aside from the big names that have a presence in London, the city is also home to an impressive array of home grown games developers such as:

Types of Gaming Consoles

Another major determining factor in choosing a console game over a computer version is that your computer might have better hardware! When a company is building a video game system, they have to keep costs reasonable so that the final price of the machine is achievable by as large of a populace as possible. With your personal computer, you can outfit and upgrade it as you see fit. This means that there is a very good possibility that the video and graphics cards that handle all of the brunt of a computer game's power is faster than the one in Sony or Nintendo's system. If it isn't, all you have to do is a little research, and buy a new one!

That ability to update and upgrade your hardware allows for you to enjoy a more visually stunning product than that of what appears on your television. Whether that means that you can see the minute details of the game with a startling clarity, or it simply means everything runs and loads a little faster, it is still an advantage of the computer game over the more classic video game.


The last major difference between these two types of games is functionality. With a console system, you are going to be tethered primarily to a video game controller. The buttons are set a specific way and only offer a small amount of variety in changing it to fit your comfort. A computer game offers you not only the power of plugging in a controller, but fully mapping the buttons to whatever makes you the best at the game! If you don't like the feel of controllers, then just use your keyboard! Some of the greatest games in the world work their best with just your mouse and keyboard combination.

Hopefully, you see that a computer doesn't have to solely be for the internet, your desk job, and the standard drudgery of the world. Games, while an obvious part of a computer's usefulness, have been overshadowed in recent years by the consoles. That doesn't mean the games aren't still there, and aren't prettier, faster, and more malleable than anything you can possibly imagine. Do a little research into what computer game personifies the genre you like the most, and give a shot. You are going to be surprised at just how much you have missed.