Computer Repair

Computer repair involves troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing a variety of hardware and software-related problems with personal computers and computer networks.

The number of computers in business offices and homes is steadily increasing. There are many computer problems that people can experience including crashes, hard drive failures, and boot-up issues.

Other issues that require computer repair include the following:

A computer repair technician is a person who maintains and repairs computers and other computer-related devices. The responsibilities of a technician that repairs computers might also include configuring new hardware, creating and maintaining computer networks, and installing and updating software packages. Experienced computer repair technicians might specialize in certain areas such as information systems, data recovery, and system administration.

Technicians that provide computer repair may work for businesses, computer repair companies, retail computer stores, or be self-employed. They are trained to run diagnostic programs on computers, repair computers, and upgrade computers to add hard drive space, extra memory, CD or DVD drives, and other hardware.

Repair to computers usually involves five basic categories of hardware:

Technicians that repair computers may also repair peripherals including keyboards, scanners, mice, displays, printers, speakers, internal and external hard drives, and hard disk arrays. Technicians that specialize in system administration may also work with routers, switches, wireless networks, fiber optic networks, and other networking hardware.

Computer repair often also involves software repair. Repair technicians strive to protect data and user settings on a computer. Installing, uninstalling, or reinstalling software is often part of computer repair. Computer repair technicians often help computer users with email, data backup, computer errors, and more.

Computer hardware that sometimes requires repairing or replacing includes:

It has been estimated that 97 percent of all personal computer problems are related to software and hardware. In these instances, remote computer repair can be easily and conveniently provided. Repair technicians can use software to remote into your computer, with your permission of course and only during the time you allow. You can watch and see what the computer technician does to diagnose and repair your computer.