Computer Software

Computer software plays a very important part in the overall function of computer hardware.

Computer software is programmed and installed on the computer, allowing it to load the operating system. One of the most important types of computer software is the operating system. All computers come with an operating system. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, UNIX, and Mac are all computer software operating systems.

Computer software is a collection of computer programs and data that hold instructions that tell the computer what to do. Software is a set of procedures, programs, algorithms, and documentation. Program software provides instructions to the computer hardware.

There are hundreds and thousands of various types of computer software. Some of the different types include computer games, driver software, productivity software, media players and media development software. Driver software is software that allows a computer to interact with hardware such as video cards, printers, and scanners. Media players and media development software is computer software that is designed to play and edit digital media files including videos and music.

Computer software usually falls into three basic categories - system, application, and programming.

System Software:

System software provides the basic functions for a computer and runs the computer system and hardware. System software includes operating systems, device drivers, servers, and utilities.

Firmware is software that is often stored on programmable memory; it is like hardware, but ran by other software programs.

Application Software:

Application software includes video games, word processors, spreadsheet programs, business software, databases, educational software, medical software, simulation software, video editing software, and many more.

Productivity software is a type of application software. Productivity software allows users to be productive. Database software, presentation software, word processors, and spreadsheet software all fall into the category of application productivity software.

Antivirus software falls under the category of security and utilities application software. Antivirus software is important software installed on computers to protect them from viruses. Norton and Trend Micro are two well-known companies that provide antivirus software. Internet Security and Tuneup Utilities are also security and utilities software.

Microsoft Office computer software includes Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, and Outlook. Word is word processor software; Excel is spreadsheet software. PowerPoint is presentation software, Access is database software, and Outlook is Email software.

Popular graphics and multimedia computer software include Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop, and Roxio Creator.

Programming Software:

This type of software helps programmers write computer programs; it contains tools such as compilers and text editors to help programmers.

There are many other different software packages for computers; many are for business needs and some are for pure enjoyment! There is software for everyone's needs and wants.