Computer Support

Many home users purchase a computer for general use, educational purposes, paying bills online, surfing the net or for various other reasons. Computers are also an essential item for both small and large businesses. In the business environment these computers may often be connected in large networks used by many employees.

Whether it's a home user or a large enterprise one thing that will be needed sooner or later is computer support. For the home user if a problem or failure occurs the emotional results may range from mild frustration to an anxiety attack. For a business it could be catastrophic bringing productivity to a stand still.

This is where computer support steps in to save the day.Unlike in the past, today's users and businesses can't afford to schedule an appointment and wait for service. Problems need to be resolved immediately to prevent productivity and monetary loss.

Modern computer support is implemented at many levels through various avenues often giving the user instantaneous access to problem resolution. Support is available at the click of a mouse, a simple phone call or it may even be automated without any interaction by the user at all.

A major avenue that has become very prevalent is online computer support. The online support providers have the capability to resolve many problems over the internet. Generally this is a diagnostic and tune-up type of support where many minor issues can be resolved.

Some of the services offered include the following:

Basically if you have an internet connection a technician will remotely connect to your system, speak with you on the phone then diagnose and resolve the issue.

If the system has failed and can't be connected to the internet there are various other solutions. One of the more popular is mobile or on-site repair.

These companies dispatch technicians to your location to repair the system and have it up and running in a very short time at your convenience. You never have to leave your home or office.

The computer repair shop is the other alternative for computer support. Computer shops today offer a myriad of services. You can deliver the computer to their shop or in most cases use their pick up and drop off services. These shops still provide repair and maintenance services as they have for many years. Many now offer maintenance plans to increase revenue and compete in today's market.

For businesses computer support requirements will differ from that of a typical home user. Although keeping in mind a business could also be a home business with one computer or several computers networked together.

Many medium to large enterprises will have an IT (Information Technology) department that will provide all required computer support internally. Due to budget constraints and the tough business environment many IT departments outsource some of their functions to outside contractors. Many smaller businesses depend completely on outside contractors for computer support.

Services offered by the outside contractors include the basic support given at the home level but also cover a much wider spectrum of support for businesses.

These providers offer various services to keep a company's systems up and running.

The services can include the following:

There are flexible service plans available at various price levels. Given the proliferation of support options most businesses and even the home user can now afford some type of computer support plan.