Computers for Sale

Know What You Want

When you are looking at computers for sale, the most important advice you can be given is to know what you are looking for. Is this machine going to be used simply for surfing on the internet, checking your various social media, and writing the occasional document? That kind of computer is going to be far different than if you are looking for a computer for high powered gaming or rendering video. It is fairly easy to get lost in the specifications of various machines, but if you keep your needs clear, then it should be as simple as picking and choosing the ideal.

The key to any computer is going to be the processor: the faster the processor, the faster the computer. Nowadays, the faster computers come with dual or quad-core processors, meaning that you are getting nearly four or more times the processing speed. As with everything, newer is going to mean more expensive, but as with all computers for sale, last year's model is still just as useful, but will run its course sooner than something that is cutting edge.


Is this computer going to be used for gaming? If the answer is yes, then you are going to want to look at the graphics processor. Nowadays, graphics are done in part by a specially installed card that is made to take the load off of the motherboard. The video game companies are also aware of this, so in the last decade there have been leaps in the things you can do with a computer graphically. The more onboard RAM that a graphics card avails you, the clearer, crisper, and most importantly, faster it will all look and run.

Many years ago, RAM and space used to be the biggest necessities for using a computer. RAM generally determines how much the computer is going to be able to run at once, where space is dictated by the size of the hard drive. Thankfully, the prices have plummeted in recent years, making these worries almost inconsequential. Any decent computer is going to provide you with enough RAM so that you don't have to worry about frequent multitasking, and enough hard disk space so that you could store more media than you could possibly need.

Shop Around:

Various companies offer computers for sale with a range of prices, and it is good to find out what those prices mean. By going to a high end retailer, you might find a computer that costs more than one built in a small local shop, but has the same specs. The reason is that many of the high end vendors will only use top of the line products, and hand test each individual piece before shipping out your unit. A local vendor very well might use similar pieces, but perhaps not made by the top of the line distributor. Consider it the difference between buying a can of Coca Cola, and a can of the supermarket brand. You know what you are going to get with the former, and sometimes are disappointed by the latter.

London alone has thousands of computer shops from brand name chain stores to online only vendors and independent retailers. You'll find the first and last in nearly every London location from major business hot spots such as Islington and Westminster to famous retail destinations like Oxford and Regents Street to the suburban neighbourhoods of Beckenham and Stanmore.

If you do choose to go with a local vendor, be sure to ask important questions about who made the pieces, and don't hesitate to do research on everything. A computer should last you at least five years, and with regular computer maintenance and upgrades it can last even longer. The more you can trust the sources of each piece, the happier you will be with the end product.