IT Services

Most small to medium size companies can't afford a full time IT department. They employ the outsourced IT services model to meet their technology support needs. The economic slowdown has also caused many large companies to re-think the way they do business. These companies are requiring a larger range of IT services to remain competitive. As the IT infrastructure grows so do support requirements, as a result more of the larger companies are also turning to the outsource model.

For savvy business managers that are cutting costs, outsourcing their IT services eliminates the hassle and overhead expense of managing complex technology and maintaining a large staff of trained IT personnel, while still providing access to the technology. The answer is outsourcing some or all of the company's IT services.

There are literally hundreds of outside providers that provide IT services on every level from minor desktop to complete infrastructure support. In London alone you can find IT services in nearly every location from companies with offices in Bloomsbury, Victoria and Soho in central London to IT service providers in Greater London locations such as Richmond upon Thames, Harrow or Croydon.

With so many providers and levels of support for IT services the choices can be very simple or very complex. The sheer number of options and pricing plans can be confusing for many business managers.

To help define these services they may be separated into categories.


A most important and often overlooked step by businesses is planning wisely for their IT department and technology needs. Business managers in the past have underestimated the value of technology and never planned for any type of expansion in this area. Another reason for lack of planning is that many businesses have IT departments that were started out of necessity and have grown to be unmanageable over time.

IT service providers can help plan and implement IT solutions from the beginning for start-ups as well as plan more efficient and cost effective solutions for established companies.

Managing Servers and Desktop Computers

These services include updating desktop and server computers with the latest patches or software. Backing up servers is also an essential part of the program. Providers can also perform maintenance on servers and desktop systems from their remote location.

On-site Support and Emergency Response

Provide scheduled visits to your business for regular system maintenance. Technicians can be dispatched for emergency on-site visits for any failures or equipment malfunctions. On-site visits are also provided for new installations or system replacements as required.

Phone Support

Provide live 24/7 support through the telephone or remotely over the internet. Through the use of the internet and live phone conversation most problems can be resolved instantly. No need to wait for a technician to arrive.

Application Hosting

Provide a single point of distribution for software and applications. A service provider can provide and mange your businesses software needs. This includes e-mail, office applications, specialized software and just about any other application that a business may need.

Cloud Services

The latest technology is Cloud computing. Cloud computing is a technical term for internet-based computing. The applications and various other software programs are accessed from the internet when they're needed. The business does not have to purchase these applications for their own servers or computer systems.

Unlike application hosting by a single provider these applications may come from various providers in the cloud. It comes down to a company making the decision to lease rather than buy applications. The risk and benefits of cloud hosting must be weighed by the business. Internet connectivity and reliability must be considered. Back up options must be in place in case of failure.


IT service providers can help a business manage their IT systems with trained and reliable people. They help companies meet their technology goals and overcome challenges. Businesses have the flexibility of investing in their own technology or leveraging the resources of the IT service provider. Using these resources any business can be competitive in today's market where the latest technology is king.

Finding IT service providers in London isn't difficult.