Online Software

Historically, when you wanted to save a document you needed a word processor on your computer. You would have to hope that the next time you needed that document, the computer you brought it to would have a similar version of the program that you used to type it in the first place. The more you did on variously different softwares, the harder it was for them to be portable to other places. In most instances, this isn't a big problem, but at times it is paramount to your business and livelihood. That is why the advent of online software has made the mobile office more of a reality than anything that has come before it.

In the past, anybody who wished to share information would have to hope that the software it was created on was similar enough to work. Now, online software allows you to do your work straight online and then have it accessible to you anywhere you go. Things like file sharing services, and secure uploading websites make it so that you can put your files in a privately held "online vault" that will keep your file for a period of time, so that you can access it anywhere else in the world.

Shared Documents:

Online software has also allowed for unending amounts of collaboration. Previously, to work out a document with a partner or group of people, you would have to email the piece back and forth until all members agreed on the product. Now, with a shared document system, an entire meeting of people can sit at their own desk and look at a document that everyone is working on together. This power in collaboration can be a great help to a team that is spread apart by miles or even oceans.

As the internet continues to evolve, and the processes behind it allow for more and more powerful connections, you are going to see online software that continues to amaze and make the world smaller. Whether that is fully integrated office packages that allow for any end of doing business, such as video conferencing, storyboarding, or presentations, or just being able to play a game with a friend across the country.

Online Messaging:

Online software has made connecting better and faster than the days of chatting in small windows via an instant messenger client. Now, even with something as simple as our phones, we have access to face to face conversations with friends and family. Can you imagine what kind of online software is going to be available in the next decade? As our computers, phones, and entertainment products all gather together and get smaller, soon everything we'll want to do should be one or two products that do them all sleekly with the ability to share that work across the globe.