Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit Review

Adults who want their children to get a head start in robotics should consider giving this 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit from Robolink. This is the perfect starter kit for kids who have shown some interest in robotics.

This robot kit can be transformed into 11 various robots, so your young learner will not get bored playing with this toy. It can turn into a rubber band gun robot, an interactive game robot, an edge detection robot, or a line following machine, among others.

But more than providing your child with hours of fun, this robot can challenge his or her creativity. It can also enable your child to have basic knowledge in robotics.

This robot kit will prove to be easy for your child to assemble. It doesn’t require soldering. Your young learner will only have to deal with easy wiring. Moreover, the maker designed this kit to be simple and safe so young users will be able to build it without the risk of getting hurt. The instructions included in this robot kit are diagrammed so that kids will be able to follow them.

This kit is developed by California-based Robolink. It has been a superb addition to home-school curriculum for numerous students of the said robotics learning center.


  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Transforms into 11 different robot types
  • Easy wiring, no soldering required
  • Includes one mainboard, 2 DC motors, 2 wheels, 4 base boards, 2 horn brackets, metal frames, screw driver, nut driver, nuts, and bolts.


  • The product package has everything you need to build the robot, including the tools
  • This is easy to assemble with no soldering required
  • The kit is designed to be simple and safe that even young kids can build the robot
  • Appropriate for kids as young as 10 years old
  • Cheaper compared to other building toys or kits like Lego
  • This gives children an introduction to coding and software development through the Arduino Sketch which is available for download for free
  • Robolink provides good customer support, particularly to those who are having problems building the robot.
  • It can help develop values like patience and creativity especially during those times when children are having problems building the robot
  • There are tutorial videos that users can also refer to if they are still having troubles in building this robot
  • It can transform into 11 different types of robots so your child will be engaged with this robot kit for many hours
  • All pieces are properly organized in a box


  • It has a lot of small screws and nuts including the peg boards, which can be easily lost or left lying all over the floor
  • There are no 4 AA batteries included in the package, although the manufacturer says this is for security reasons


This robot kit can be compared to other similar products such as the Loonger 14 in 1 Solar Robot Assembly Rechargeable Kids Toy Kit Educational Gift a Wagging-tail Dog Running Beetle Walking Crab Surfer Speedster Zombie Chaser.

Like the Robolink 11 in 1 programmable robot kit, the 14 in 1 solar robot kit can transform into various modes so your child will be engaged for a long time. According to reviews online, the 14 in 1 solar robot kit is also very easy to assemble. The said product also has a very low price tag.

However, the said kit is different because it is not powered by batteries, but instead makes use of solar power.

Another product that can be compared to this 11 in 1 programmable robot kit is the Stylrtop 14 in 1 Rechargeable Assembly Solar Power Car Robot Kit. It can also be transformed into 14 different robot modes, with two levels of building skills (beginner and experienced).

Similar to the Loonger 14 in 1 Solar Robot kit, the Stylrtop also doesn’t need batteries as it is solar powered. The toy can also be used for water based activities. This robot kit is also very cheap.


The 11 in 1 programmable robot kit from Robolink is highly recommended to adults who want their children to get a head start on robotics and programming. It is cheap, yet well-built and designed. With 11 various robot modes, children are unlikely to get easily bored with this kit.

Furthermore, kids will be challenged when you give them this robot kit. Their creativity and imagination will be harnessed when they are presented this 11 in 1 programmable robot kit. This can also be a good toy for parents and children to bond over with. With all these great features, shouldn’t you consider buying this robot kit for your child?

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