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The Robot Mag team has selected a mix of resources to help you find the best of Robotics Companies. How Programmable Robotic Arm Models are Changing the World

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  • Solarbotics
    Supplies competition robot kits, parts, solar-powered robots, as well as books and accessories.
  • Pololu
    Manufacturer and retailer of robot chassis, controllers, parts and kits.
  • Vex Labs
    Robot kits, accessories, software and guides.
    iRobot designs a range of behavior-based robots, from domestic cleaning assistants to Mars surface investigators.

Robotics Business Review revealed its fifth annual RBR50 list comprised of the most noteworthy public and private companies in the global robotics industry for 2016. With the robotics industry more competitive than ever, new companies are popping up all the time. Of those companies, the RBR50 list outlines those who should be kept on your business radar.

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