Notable Robotics Universities and Laboratories

Universities and Labs

Many of the breakthroughs in robotics, both great and small, are the result of dedicated researchers at some of the world’s top universities and labs. At Robotmag we have selected a mix of resources to help you find the best of Universities and Labs. If you feel there’s something we haven’t included or wish to share your thoughts, reviews and current Books And Magazines news please drop us a line

  • Essex Robotics
    Details on Robotics research work at the University of Essex.
  • University of Cambridge
    University provides computer vision and robotics undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • The Robotics Institute
    Established in 1979 at Carnegie Mellon University in United States, this institute covers robotics research and development.
  • NASA Robotics Academy
    Provides a 10-week summer Robotics Internship program.
  • Robotics at Manchester
    Information on robotics studies, provided by the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester.
  • University of Oxford
    Robotics research carried out by the Robotics Research Group at the Department of Engineering Science.
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