Various Types of Toy Robots for Adults

Maybe you’ve never had the chance to play robots when you were younger, or these machines simply continue to amaze you up to this day. Regardless of the reason for your fascination with robots, the good news is that there are lots of toy robots for adults that you can find online or in traditional brick and mortar stores.

Toy robots for grown-ups can make a great birthday or holiday gift. These toys appeal to dads who love to share them with their little ones. Toy robots are also very much appreciated by hobbyists, as well as those who have a background in programming and robotics.

The following are some of the toy robot types that are highly popular among grown-ups:

Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are the electronic versions of the so-called man’s best friend. If you’ve always wanted to have a pet dog but you are not at all excited with the daily care, then you should consider a robotic dog.

The toy dogs available today are very interactive. These machines have multiple sensors that allow them to behave just like a real dog. Like a real dog, a toy dog will wag its tail and jump when you get home. And just like a real puppy, the toy dog can be naughty at times.

Toy dogs are capable of watching their environment, following their owners, and responding to voice commands. There are also toy dogs that can learn various tricks.

But like our canine friends, these dogs need training and attention. You will have to be patient with them as well, particularly in training these toy dogs.

Most toy dogs in the market will respond to you, just like real dogs. For example, patting him in the back or head, or cradling the toy in your arms will elicit responses. These may range from blinking eyes to realistic animal sounds.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up if and when you buy a robot dog.

Toy Cats

Cats are arguably the second most popular pet choice in the world; thus it is not surprising that there are many robot toy cats available online.

Like toy dogs, robotic cats can act like real cats. They can respond to the voices of their owners, show gestures, and even follow the gaze of their owners with their eyes.

These robot cats also have realistic, soft fur very much comparable to that of a real cat. These machines can also make cat-like movements and sounds. And they have built-in sensors that respond to the motion and touch of their owners.

Moreover, some robot cats can make purr sounds, as if they are really purring like actual cats.

There are also toy cats which are designed not just to entertain their owners, but also to keep them company. In Japan, robotic cats have been developed to care for the elderly. These are considered companion robots which can benefit people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Robot aircraft

More popularly known as drones, these robot aircraft are ideal gifts for frustrated pilots. Drones have become popular as of late, but there’s no denying the fact that these robot aircraft have many uses.

From aerial photography to delivering pizza to pure, simple fun of flying, drones serve many purposes. The drone making industry has become so big that consulting group PriceWaterhouseCoopers say it would be around $127 billion by 2020. This simply gives you an indication how well drones are selling, and how these robot aircrafts would continue to fare in the coming years.

Robot arms and grippers

Robot arms and grippers can hold small items like pens and soda cans. These toys are not only fun to play with, but also let adults learn basic robotics and programming. These are ideal gifts for grownups who want to learn how industrial robots work, and how to build one of their own.

These are just four of the more popular types of toy robots for adults that you can see online or in traditional retails stores. With the many toy robots for grown-ups that you can find on the market, it is very likely you can get a robot that suits your interests and budget.

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