The World of Video Games

Types of Games

You are looking over the shoulder of a marine. His uniform is torn, and his muscled arms are covered with scratches and dirt. In the distance, the sound of explosions erupts and small fireballs dot the horizon as someone's weaponry goes up in flames. You hear a high pitched popping noise and the dirt at your feet explodes in a cloud of dust. You quickly hit a button and move into a first person scope of your gun. You see the insurgent quickly on the horizon, and a quick pull of the trigger ends the threat.

This sounds like the type of big budget action film that people spend tons of money to go enjoy every single summer. This same scene has played out unending amounts of times on televisions across the world, but not with a big name actor at the helm, but a person with a controller in their hand. Almost as if it is a movie that you are in control of, the world of video games have come leaps and bounds from their Pong or Donkey Kong days.

The Evolution of Video Games

With the staggering growth in technology over the last 25 years, we have gone meteorically from monochrome to 16 colors, to now a palete of colors so staggering it is indistinguishable from the real world itself at times. A video game can be anywhere, look like anything, and be as realistic or surrealistic as any form of entertainment. From severe and gritty war drama, to playing with virtual animals and people, there is a video game out there for everyone.

Even the standard video game stereotypes have changed drastically in the last decade. Before, the belief was that video games were for little boys, and should remain childish with cartoon themes and only light violence. Nowadays, men and women both share a major part of the video game demographic, and the themes can be more fantastic and comical, but also can have a very dark and violent edge, specifically made for a mature audience. The childish themes of silly plumbers saving princesses' still exists and does quite well, but if you are looking for a game that is for adults you'll find plenty of those on the shelves as well.

Moving Forward

No matter your opinion of video games, it can't be ignored that they are the fastest growing form of entertainment in the last twenty years. A lot of that has to do with the fact that video games haven't even reached their plateau yet. As the technology and graphics increase, so will the functionality and visuals of games. So whether you are looking to immerse yourself in a 60 hour epic game that has you traversing fantastic lands filled with dragons, or you are looking to simply fit strange looking shapes into holes to destroy lines, there is going to be a video game out there that is meant for you.