Web Hosting

Every single page on the Internet is delivered to a web browser by web hosting software. These software packages are run on everything from a single computer all the way up to huge server farms. There are four major varieties of web servers, which are Unix, Linux, Windows IIS (Internet Information Server), and Apple's Mac OS X Server. On these systems, there are also different types of web servers available such as Apache and Windows IIS. Apache is the most common web server software, which can be run on nearly any operating system. A person can actually run a website using their home computer even if it is running Windows, but other people would not be able to find it unless they give out their IP address to other people. It is for this reason that a web hosting provider is needed as well as a domain name.

There are also a range of new cloud hosting providers challenging the traditional hosting providers. Cloud hosting company CatN stand out as an innovative UK company specialising in WordPress hosting. They are one of many in a whole new market segment focusing on providing on-demand, flexible hosting.

Web Browsers:

Web hosting is possible due to a complex system of requests and packets sent between your web browser and the web server software. Without going into too much depth, the following is what allows your web browser to display content from a server or computer located across the country or even across the globe. The web browser sends a request to a domain name system (DNS) computer, which provides the browser with an IP address for the web server. The web browser then uses the IP address to send a request for a web page. The web server then locates the information on its network, and it sends the requested information back to the web browser. The web browser finally processes and writes all of this information to the computer screen, so the user can view the web page.

Web Hosting Packages:

There are many companies that offer web hosting packages from large national companies to local firms offering a more personal service. Some of the big names include UK2.net in Canary Wharf, Virtual Internet in Fulham, Active24 in Hammersmith, Hostway in the Docklands and Webfusion in Uxbridge.

These companies allow a person to access their web server, so they can display their website on the Internet. This very same web hosting package also allows for other users to obtain this information, so they can view the website owner's content. Hosting packages vary according to different user's needs, so a person should shop around in order to find the right plan that meets their needs. The only thing that is required is a domain name, which can be purchased through the same companies that offer web hosting. Domain name registration is controlled by Nominet for UK domains with non-geographically specific domains (such as .com and .org) being controlled by ICANN.