Robotics Resources


Robotic toys and products, FAQs, information and news about robotic science and emerging technology as well as high tech electronics  can all be found here. In addition to the carefully chosen collection of resources on the subject there is also a small selection of Robot Mag’s archived information sheets which you may find helpful.

Robotics Information

The following is a small selection of RobotMag’s archived information sheets.

  • Beginner’s Guide and Mini-FAQ
    Answers to questions most often posed by those new to robotics including where to start, what you need to know, where to find information and supplies and where to go for help. Updated with new book references, information on kits and manufactured platforms and robotics resources.
  • Mars Rover
    NASA and JPL have always been on the leading edge of applied research, and are humanity’s biggest proponents of robotic technology.
  • DIY Robotics
  • Robot Fire-Fighting
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